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Jopp Logistics Transportation

Our Company

Jopp Logistics is a family owned and operated company, founded in 2009.  With our modern fleet of tractor trailer combinations, we are able to haul heavy loads with our drive-in Wabash trailers, that are designed to haul heavy loads of paper roll products.

Jopp Logistics provides transportation and logistics services between Los Angeles and the Seattle Tacoma area of Puget Sound, back hauling from LA to Tacoma in our paper hauling trailers.

We have been in the transportation for hire business for over 10 years.  Established in 2009, Jopp Logistics began as a natural progression from the energy hog fuel hauling business. A local paper mill needed paper products hauled to LA, so we now we do back hauling from LA to Seattle, and all across the US.

About Our Fleet

  • We provide back hauling from Los Angeles to the Tacoma/Seattle area
  • We use Western star trucks, heavy duty Wabash trailers
  • We provide transportation for hire, over the road
  • Our drivers are safe and competent, with impeccable driving records
  • We use heavy duty 53' Dry Van trailers, and have one flatbed available
  • Our trailers are specific to hauling paper, and are built to accommodate heavy duty capacity

We have are accepting applications for truck drivers, apply now.